General settings for Helpdesk plugin

Helpdesk plugin has global settings available in admin area only (Administration > Helpdesk > General) and affected to all projects with active Helpdesk module


General settings

From address what recipients will see as a source of Helpdesk e-mails. May contain a name - John Smith <> or macro {} <>, {} <>.
Please note: this e-mail should be the same as the account used for dispatching e-mails. If you want to have it different please check that your e-mail server allows fake e-mail addresses in FROM field. Otherwise, the actual source e-mail will be added to FROM field automatically.
Save CC as contacts all emails from CC will be parsed as new contacts and add to ticket
Send a note by default Send note checkbox will be checked by default in all helpdesk tickets. In addition, this setting will be affected by sending responses to notifications directly to helpdesk contact. Learn more
Add the first email as contact note first incoming message from the conversation will be added as a contact note
Assign contact user if email sending contact has assignee, the ticket will be assigned to that user
Create private tickets all incoming tickets will be marked as private issues
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