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Helpdesk template macros are placeholders for the generated customer, user, and ticket data. Macros are defined using specific text between curly brackets and % signs. Each type of macros has its own set of properties. For example, Contact macros pull data from the Redmine CRM Contact profile.


Below you can find an example of a message written using macros. The second one is an example of the message received in Gmail.

macro redmine.png

gmail macro.png

Available macros

Macro Description
{%date%} Current date
%%<Custom field name>%% Issue or contact custom fields (can have collisions with same names for issue and contact custom fields
{} Issue customer full name
{%contact.first_name%} Issue customer first name
{%contact.last_name%} Issue customer last name
{%contact.middle_name%} Issue customer middle name
{} Issue customer company
{%ticket.assigned_to%} Assigned user name
{} Issue ID
{%ticket.tracker%} Issue Tracker
{%ticket.status%} Issue status
{%ticket.priority%} Issue priority
{%ticket.quoted_description%} Issue quoted description. Could be useful for auto answer
{%ticket.history%} Ticket conversation quoted history. Could be useful for auto answer
{%ticket.project%} Issue project name
{%ticket.subject%} Issue subject
{%ticket.estimated_hours%} Issue estimated hours
{%ticket.done_ratio%} Issue done ratio
{%ticket.public_url%} Public url for current issue
{%ticket.closed_on%} Issue Closed on date (for Redmine 2.3+)
{%ticket.due_date%} Issue due date
Issue note
{} Issue note author full name. Could be useful for message footer as support engineer name
{} Issue note author first name
{ <User custom field name>%} Issue note author custom field
{{send_file(<Attached file name>)}} Attach file from current ticket to reply. Ex: {{send_file(agreement.docx)}}
Ticket votes
{} Voting link code
{} "Good" voting link code
{} "Just Ok" voting link code
{} "Not good" voting link code

A list of all macros available can be found in Administration -> Helpdesk, Helpdesk templates.

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