Auto-generated (auto-submitted) header loop problem

The current guide will help you to solve the problem of ignoring emails when received on the Helpdesk because of the auto-generated (auto-submitted) header loop problem.

The logs (either production.log or redmine_helpdesk.log files) could contain some error message similar to this one:

ignoring email with Auto-Submitted:auto-generated header

It is correct behavior by now that the Helpdesk plugin filters messages that contain auto-generated headers because to avoid cyclic auto-loop between servers. That's why there is no way to switch this function off via the Redmine interface.

To disable header checking functionality you need in file plugins/redmine_contacts_helpdesk/app/models/helpdesk_mail_support.rb to find method:

     def ignored_helpdesk_headers
      helpdesk_headers = {
       'X-Auto-Response-Suppress' => /\A(all|AutoReply|oof)/

And change it to:

def ignored_helpdesk_headers

Afterward please restart the webserver.

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